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The anime girl that appears alongside the Crunchyroll logo has a name. She’s called Crunchyroll-hime, and apparently in her own canon she is over a hundred years old.
While Crunchyroll-hime has been around for a while, in recent months she’s been more active as a Crunchyroll representative, appearing on the company’s TikTok account and getting her own VTuber channel where she entertains viewers twice a week. And since she’s about to turn 116, she’s throwing a big birthday bash. “I’m so excited to celebrate my birthday with all my friends! It’ll be my longest celebration yet, so you wouldn’t want to miss it—we’re having games, fun, special guests, and maybe a donut-shaped surprise…I can’t wait to see you all there!” said Hime in a statement released by her parent company.
Hime’s Sweet 116 will be a special six-hour livestream event on her own YouTube channel. Plenty of guests will be stopping by to give interviews, such as...

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