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One might question why it wasn’t there from the beginning, but Crunchyroll has announced that its Anime Awards will be held in Japan for the first time next year.
The Anime Awards was founded six years ago to “celebrate fan-favorite anime series, characters, and creators across streaming, film and music.” Our first thought was these shows would probably be heavily biased in favor of shows carried by Crunchyroll, de-legitimizing them. But then we realized — Crunchyroll owns everything, so it’s moot.
But THEN we read a little further and learned the Crunchyroll Anime Awards are chosen by fan votes. Last year a record 16.9 million votes were cast for nominees representing nearly 40 anime studios, some of which had distribution rights that weren’t locked up under Crunchyroll-hime’s loving armpit (yet). So with the masses deciding, it’s probably not a tool for corporate advertising even if it’s paid for by one. Now we just have to hope the winners aren’t decided by whichever meme is...

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The last time I voted is back in 2016 because I wan't Yuri on Ice to win most nominations.

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I wonder if this indicates that they intend to revamp the entire event now that they have funding from Sony. The Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa will serve as the venue for the event. With a location like that, flying the staff and visitors to Tokyo is already a significant scale up. They can invite any number of business guests they have access to because they are hosting in Tokyo. It might become into a venue where important anime announcements are made, similar to The Game Awards. The winners will be present to claim their prizes, giving them much more validity than they had so far.


The 2022 Awards results are very terrible. Thank goodness they don't matter. If you truly appreciate anime, watch it and buy its stuff. I'm hoping that this Awards event makes up for the horrible 2022 Awards in 2023.


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I can't pretend to care about...any award show anymore much less this one, but I'm curious to see if movies and series will compete in best animation or if there will be another objectively wrong snub or if Chainsaw Man's (let's be honest here) borderline already determined win will result in a ton of "Chainsaw Man is overrated" threads.


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They're potentially alienating two fanbases, and we all know how notoriously vengeful some extreme otaku are. There will be some unfavorable reactions to Mushoku Tensei not even receiving a nomination, which is blatant trash.


Even if it's still terrible enough for everyone to make fun of it, Crunchyroll now has the resources to make this a happening that anime lovers won't be able to ignore. They have funding now so I have hopes for this event to be a blast to watch.


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Great... I can now picture Mushoku Tensei being unfairly overlooked on a large stage. utterly captivating...not!


Anitrendz Awards is 10 times better than this boring circus. At least they give every Anime a chance, even the less well-liked ones, as opposed to giving mainstream trash the majority of the nominees. Crunchyroll saw an all-time low in 2017.

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This year, I'm hoping additional categories will be open to movies. When the best animated films are disallowed from entering the "Best Animation" category, it's just absurd. Because Mugen Train was a TV series, they continued by really awarding "Best Animation" to the movie TV recut of the same name. Such a joke. Then call them "The TV anime awards."