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If you've never read them then you should. The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of fantasy novels written for younger readers by C.S Lewis. It’s got animals who speak, children protagonists, evil witches, adventures galore, and an excellent contrast (clash) between good and evil. This classic is completely safe for children to read and can be appreciated by adults who enjoy fantasy books. I grew up on this series as a kid, and I’ve been a fantasy book reader ever since. These are the ultimate children’s fantasy books.


I read those every year between the ages of 11 and my early twenties, and still re-read them now and then. They were the very first books I ever bought with my own money. I also read the Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. Le Guin, and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle at about that age. I'm getting nostalgic just thinking about them and the wonderfully exotic covers of the paperback editions I had.

If you loved Narnia, but you also like more grown up fantasy I recommend checking out Lev Grossman´s The Magicians, which riffs on Narnia and Harry Potter and is very, very good.


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I read the Chronicles of Narnia as an adult and I enjoyed them very much. It's too bad though that not all books were made into movies. It would have been nice to see how they would make the last book. I am also sad that Susan 'grew up'.. It would have been nice to see them all together until the end.


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I tried to read the Narnia series when I was a kid and didn't like it. So many have told me how wonderful it is, so I recently started reading them again, but I still don't like them. I don't know why, as I enjoy fantasy very much normally, but I just can't get into the story.


I haven't read them but I used to watch The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe as a kid; I'm not sure if I got those words in the right order, but I know the series was based on the books. I'm just not sure how different it is from the books.

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