[BUYING] Bandai Rider Mask Collection heads! (Green)


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I saw someone that once was selling these, but then it disappeared.

Anyway, I have a Riotrooper on my workdesk, but wanted something green.

Examples of Green rider heads I'm interested in (but not limited to):
Shadow Moon
Nigo First/Movie version
Shocker Rider
I don't mind if they're opened, but I'm hoping for something in good condition.

Monetary stuff: I plan on paying via paypal, prefer US sellers (so I avoid international shipping), and am looking for a sale less than 20 bucks.

Shoot me a PM (and please, be able to provide a picture!), and we'll be in touch!

EDIT: I just remembered that unless the box is opened, you have no idea what's IN the box. So, what I should have said is "Please, have opened the box - but I don't care whether you send me the box itself or not!" Sorry for potential confusion.

EDIT2: Lance removed! Found him on ebay for 10 bucks.
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