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There are few 2022 movies we’re more hyped up for than Prey, the Predator prequel that takes things back to the past. In the 1987 original, a Native American member of the team suggested that his ancestors had encounters with Predators. Now we’ll find out what that was like.
Prey focuses on the Comanche nation. specifically a young warrior named Naru, the most skilled hunter of her tribe. Bears were regarded as monsters by Native tribes and the most feared creature you could face out there. They were unlikely to stop even after getting arrowed, and in most cases, your best defense was to run and hope you were faster than it. When Naru encounters an angry bear, she fears it can’t get worse…but lo and behold…
While the Predator winds up taking out the bear for her, Naru and her people now have to deal with THAT thing instead. In a good action suspense thriller, the solution to the main problem should not be obvious, and it definitely isn’t apparent here. We have no idea how she wins...

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So what is the fighting chance of an ancient person who just have sticks and stones against a bigger opponent with superior strength and technology?


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This appears to be on par with the first and second films; I wish it was in theaters, but I'm still excited. Because I assumed it was set in pre-colonial America, I was surprised to see white folks.If this is a success, I would love to see the predator franchise go down the prequel path as depicted in the novel. This looks amazing, and I'd love to see the Predator in different eras!

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I really hope this succeeds so that we can have more predator and alien films with high budgets. This looks incredible! Suspense, intrigue, and a kickass predator design are all present and correct in this predator film. I'm excited for this.This appears to be a prequel to all subsequent Predator films, as though this is the Predators' first "hunt" against mankind. It's also pleasant to see a film set in a period other than the present or the distant future. The fact that they speak English is the only thing that bothers me. During this time period, Native Americans do not speak English.


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The first teaser got me excited but this trailer is even better. We need more Science Fictions in Historical settings.


This looks cool! I always want to see more movies about Native Americans and finally we got one and its a Science fiction.

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