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  • Hi skiks,since I am new to this forum,can I ask how can I post pictures or youtube links like how people do in this forum?Mine just has the link popping out.Thanks for the help!
    Been fine, behind on Gokaiger though, haven't watched it since episode 23, sadly. I need to get back on that, since the Jetman tribute episode is 2 weeks away :D
    Empty your PM box. XD

    Did you get the payment I sent on Friday yesterday (Saturday)? If you didn't get it then, you should end up getting it tomorrow (Monday).
    Skiks if you use the post office to ship flat rate boxes are they free? Like I don't have to buy the box and pay the shipping price right?
    Yo, thanks for the heads up. It's very good indeed, but I live on an island and the shipping will be alot since I can't get US ground.

    Though, I appreciate it!
    yeah i dont mind.. gives me time to save money up too.. think he'll save us a set? since he said that he has a limited supply.
    "If you want to use that price and split the extra 500 it'll be 5500 yen for you Skiks and 8500 yen for sinzz."

    what do you think? im willing if you are.. and if you're willing.. when are you going to get him the money? so i can send around the same time?
    I'm looking for your Rockman Aqua Custom here. If you manage to already found one, just tell me.
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