It's so easy when you're evil
Oct 6, 2010
(This is all written in the mindset of someone who has yet to watch all of Kuuga, so if I make mistakes here and there, blame that :p)

After watching episode 14 of Kuuga yesterday and moving into what I assume is the “Gouram arcâ€, something struck me. This would have been the perfect point at which to introduce a second Rider in the series.

Think about it; Chouno wishes to be a U.I., but upon discovering what monsters the Grongi really are (and nearly getting killed by one), we see he sanely changes his mind, and being saved by Godai-as-Kuuga, a man who tried to befriend him, must have had quite the impact on him.

Imagine this: the Gouram is actually an ancient weapon created by the Linto to fight the Grongi in the same way as Kuuga; by turning into a superhuman warrior. Upon being excavated and reconstituting itself, the Gouram creates a subconscious link to someone who wishes to be different and resist the Grongi; Chouno (with this link perhaps creating his desire to be a U.I. in the first place).

It searches out and bonds with him in the same way the Arcle belt bonded with Godai (entering into his body), and gives him the ability to transform into a Rider-esque warrior (perhaps looking more like a Metal Hero?) based on the Gouram.

Dec 13, 2009
I'd rather see Ichijou becoming a Rider.

He is the most useful secondary character I've seen in a Rider series, that did not become a Rider.

Try noticing how Ichijou is around the Grongi and all during the series.