1. Glamador

    TruForce Megaman X

    I'm not sure if talking about Kickstarters is allowed...I don't *see* anything in the rules about it. But I could have missed it. If so, just delete this thread and move on.Has anyone else seen this *magnificent spectacle*...
  2. MetaRidleyX

    Digimon, Zoids and Megaman

    Hello all!I am involved with a secret santa with my group of friends and since the friend I got is a somewhat avid toy collector I'd like to get her a toy gift of some sort. So, if anyone has any toys they want to sell to me from either of these three categories that would be great:1...
  3. A

    Megaman Legends 3 announced!! Updated: It's Cancelled

    Also known as Rockman Dash, has been announced today in Nintendo Press Conference.Offcial Site: is so Awesome news! :castlerock::castlerock:And 3DS will launch in Japan on Feb 26 and will cost 25,000 yen. US and Europe in March. :buttrock: