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I'm not sure if talking about Kickstarters is allowed...I don't *see* anything in the rules about it. But I could have missed it. If so, just delete this thread and move on.

Has anyone else seen this *magnificent spectacle*?

This guy is spectacular. As TruForce seems to be a nascent company with no real track record, I'm hesitant to back it, simply because the engineering and build quality are such an unknown. But the range of motion and test paints on the prototype looks fantastic. I'm super interested in the designs they might do for Zero or Vile down the road as well, given that they state they want to make more figures with their X license.

The Kickstarter looks to be pretty on-track and they've got a functioning prototype, so I'm not worried so much about it not getting produced if I back it...but there's always a risk with Kickstarters. Following some first-attempt products from 3rd party Transformers manufacturers, I know that it can be a mixed bag. You never really know what the figure will be like until it's in your hands.

But my gods I'm tempted. That silver and red color scheme is calling my name...


Well, there are 9 days to go and at the rate they've been getting pledges, it looks like this thing is gonna get funded.

Anyone here other than me going to get one? I backed at the level to get the alternate color version only, but I'm still wavering over whether to up my pledge for the original color and those special effect parts as's a lot of money, but they're working with Sentinel and I know how expensive their products usually are.

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