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  • Oh, no doubt. You're not missing much anyways, Sanjo's Fourze work was either anti-climactic or had Fourze acting like Daigo with the lead rider chick acting like BanBan.
    Y'know, I wouldn't be surprised if Riku Sanjo's writing DinoRangers while still thinking he's guest-writing on Fourze.
    I meant to jokingly ask this when it was actually relevant but, were you one of the kids who thought Tommy was "za behstest Power ranger eva!!1"?
    On episode 15 of Changeman and, happy with all the awesome characters (even Gyodai -- I even care for the monster grower thing). I mean, it's not like say Gekiranger, where I think "I like this show but, Ken was pretty pointless after he got his dumb robo!"
    If I may ask, who are the three dudes in your sig? The middle guy, I remember from one of your previous avatars.
    Stupid me...I didn't even check to see if the first avatar was over the size limit. Here's the last revision, I promise:
    Sorry, I realized that I didn't resize the first avatar appropriately. Here is another try:
    You can save them to your computer (which I would recommend since you never know about those links), but you can also use the links if you want. I'm glad you like them. :)
    Hi, Shougo; who's the man in your avatar? I haven't recognized him; btw, no kidding, you have voted Soda for on my toku writer poll, haven't you? cause Yonemura wasn't included ;)
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