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    Kamen Rider Gaim - News/Rumors Thread 2: Suffering Incoming

    They've teased this thing for so long that you've gotta's a massive letdown that it's something centered on Bravo and acorn. That's like Toei being like "We're doing a new Ryuki movie!" And then it's about Imperer. Nobody cares.
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    Your Favorite Ranger of the Team (NO Red, Sixth, Mentor, and Extra)

    I knew Abel was a cop, it's just that...Timeranger never really cared about its cop theme the way Time Force did, so it never felt like it mattered. Furthermore, Mika Katsumura is in no way convincing as a cop. I like her, but she's really miscast.But I want to set the record straight in that...
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    Your Favorite Ranger of the Team (NO Red, Sixth, Mentor, and Extra)

    One thing I don't think helps Dolnero is his design. I think his design makes him come across as goofy. In a way, the show undermines how dangerous the character can potentially be by making him look so cutesy and fly by the power of his farts. But I never really felt like he seemed head...
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    Your Favorite Ranger of the Team (NO Red, Sixth, Mentor, and Extra)

    They're their own team, though, even if the show stops treating them that way. I'd definitely have chosen Kabuto Raiger otherwise.I never really had a problem with Fukui. She's not a mannequin missing the notes of what makes the character interesting like Time Blue. People make a big deal...
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    Seems some Japanese fans are thinking any anniversary elements or homages will...focus on past mechas. SNOOZE!
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    Your Favorite Ranger of the Team (NO Red, Sixth, Mentor, and Extra)

    Goranger -- Peggy Matsuyama/Momo Ranger. She's just a competent officer, dependable, and she can kick ass. Also: explosives expert. A great heroine to start off the franchise with. (Remember, folks -- if Sentai dies, say goodbye to interesting henshin heroines who do anything.)JAKQ -- Ryu...
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    What if MMPR had been adapted from Fiveman instead of Zyuranger?

    Pretty much what Kain said with the dinosaurs. I don't know why kids like dinosaurs so much, but especially coming off of Jurassic Park, I think just the fact that the heroes were dinosaurs was a large, large part of MMPR's success.As sugar-coated as Fiveman is, I'd still have a hard time...
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    Mill Creek has licensed the ENTIRE Ultraman library !!!!!!

    So, I assume if they're going as far as including The Next in the Nexus set, then they'll probably also include the episode that had the director's cut and the extra episode?
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    Kids as main focus in which Super Sentai series?

    The Comboy was learnin' stuff, though! And it was training to be the future Goggle V! I don't think the Comboy are that bad, even though I dislike when these shows feel like they have to pander to the kids by focusing heavily on kid characters...
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    Kids as main focus in which Super Sentai series?

    Let's try this again, since my reply vanished after this place went down yesterday. (That really sucks...)Anyway, I said that early JAKQ, early Sunvulcan, Bioman, Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Liveman, Turboranger, Jetman, Megaranger, GoGoFive and Timeranger are basically what you're looking...
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    HJU is almost ten years old...

    And I never thought the place would get this quiet. It's depressing. It kind of reminds me of Japan Hero's final days where there would only be a couple of new responses per day, usually just about whatever oh-so-wonderful Kamen Rider was airing.
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    Avatar problems?

    I've been having trouble with custom avatars, I'll put in links and get an "Invalid URL" message. (This happens with multiple links, not just one.) Just wondering if it's a problem as the new forum's worked out, if maybe avatar sizes have changed since the upgrade, or if it's a problem on my end.
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    A Liveman What-If

    Sorry, with the DVDs coming out, I've been in a Liveman craze. :laugh: Anyway, fans have long assumed that if Takuji and Mari lived, that maybe they, too, would be members of Liveman. The prototype suits they were working on (which became the Liveman suits) even had animal logos -- Takuji's a...
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    Yuko Asuka (Bioman's Farrah) has passed away

    Just saw this on one of the Japanese boards and couldn't believe it. I liked her. :( She died in December at age 56 -- it doesn't say what she died of.Source is former JAC member Takanori Shibahara's blog ( He just visited his old pal Seiki Kurosaki (former JAC...
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    Favorite series penned by Toshiki Inoue

    The writer everyone loves to hate, but he HAS done some good work. What's your favorite?(I'm disregarding Hibiki, since they brought him in to run the show when there were only, like, 12 episodes left.)