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    [SELLING] Shirubaa's Sales Spectacular: 2016 Edition

    TONS of new stuff you've never seen from me before.-Paypal Only -FREE shipping within the US, if outside the US, ask me for a quote -I'm not trading. -If you need more pics of something you're actually interested in, please ask. -Don't waste both of our times by begging, or haggling in an...
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    [SELLING] TONS of Ranger Keys For The Buying!

    There were only a few keys left, so I consolidated the keys into my main sales thread:
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    [SELLING] Super Shirubaa's Sales Spectacular!

    Paypal only, please. No holding items. Free shipping within the continental US!DX Ninninger Bison King - $70 shippedDX Ninninger Paomaru - $30 shippedDX Ninninger UFOmaru - $30 shippedDX Aka Ninger Shuriken - $10 shippedNinnin Action Series 3: Kininger - $15 shippedDino...
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    [SELLING] Edag88's Generic Sales Thread

    Closed! Thanks for looking!
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    [SELLING] Modern Warfare 3 Edition Xbox 360

    Hey all, I want to sell off my perfect condition special Modern Warfare 3 Edition Xbox 360.Here's what you get:(1) Special Edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Console (1) Special Edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Controller (1) 320GB Hard Drive (Inside the System) (1) Xbox 360 Power Cable...
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    Quick Gokaiger Mobirates Sale

    I got two, so I gotta get rid of one. It's fresh from the mail and unopened!$95 shipped within the US, Paypal, and its yours!
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    Saban Not Donating to Obama's Campaign Anymore... guess you can only throw Israel under the bus so much until your biggest fans start turning against you.
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    Nintendo's Next Console is Coming... powerful than ps3? Aiming to capture the hardcore western market? 1080p games? Mario?I'm down. What say you?
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    Various DX Sentai Mecha 1998-2008 and DX MMPR Zords

    There's only a few things left now! Be sure to make good offers if you have any!I accept Paypal and only ship to the US! Thanks for looking! :)BOJ Gunbir-Oh Birca, Gunpard, CarrygatorBOJ Seiku-Oh Toriptor, Jetras, JumbowhaleBOJ Kyoretsu-OhBOJ Go Roader GTBOJ DX Kabuto Origami...
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    Ranger Zords and Sentai Mecha

    Hey, I got lots of stuff, including some games to try and sell off. Hopefully some people find something for them in here to make everyone happy! :)First the Ranger/Toku stuff...Tor the Shuttle Zord - $40 Excellent ConditionTigerzord - $60 As seen here, no box, but includes all the red...
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    Check out my new thread!
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    Korean Sentai Mecha

    I've been trying to look for Kyoretsu-Oh lately but no matter where I try to get it, it's so damn expensive!!! I've been seeing Korean versions of it here and there and they're significantly cheaper. Are the Korean versions of Sentai mecha the same as the Japanese version? The boxart is...
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    Engine Jetras

    My Seiku-Oh isn't really a Seiku-Oh yet...because it has no left arm. I'm looking for a good deal on Jetras, they're SUPER expensive on Ebay as far as I can tell...having a box along with it would be super cool too!
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    What in the world are those yellow pieces in the DaiTenku Origami for?

    I've been trying to look everywhere...I think Kabuto, Kajiki, and Tora Origami were the ones to each come with this weird yellow piece and I still have no idea what in the world they're for? Am I missing something obvious? :shakefist
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    The PS3 Slim Finally Exists! and $100 cheaper. Now all the rest of you have no excuses for playing with me online!!