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I've been trying to look for Kyoretsu-Oh lately but no matter where I try to get it, it's so damn expensive!!! I've been seeing Korean versions of it here and there and they're significantly cheaper. Are the Korean versions of Sentai mecha the same as the Japanese version? The boxart is exactly the same minus it's in Korean instead of Japanese (obviously). I wanted to know what people knew about this and how compatible they are with the Japanese ones before I buy it.

Thanks! :)

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Dunno if it applies for Sentai, but I know the Korean version of Transformers and Braves are the same, maybe minus a few paint apps and details here and there.

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They're essentially the same I believe. With KyorsetsuOh you don't have to worry about the Engine Souls speaking Korean, as you would with the others.


And that's the charm of it!!! I just want to make certain before I shell out top dollar, call for G12 formation and they don't fit. :p
From what I know, the Korean mechs are taken from the Japanese counterparts and repacked in Korean boxes. Same application like the HK ones but one thing separates them from others, their boxes say 'POWER RANGERS XXXX FORCE" like Boukenger is 'Power Rangers Treasure Force' and Go-On is "Engine Force". Anyways, it is true that the Korean Engines speak Korean but why care about the non-speaking Kyouretsu-Oh. I might even get a KanKan Bar from BOK if they are cheap enough for me, since I already have a G-12.

Anyways, good luck on your quest since the Korean Kyouretsu is cheaper than the BOJ ones by 1/4 at least.

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