[SELLING] TONS of Ranger Keys For The Buying!


Kakuranger and Carranger keys sold.

Also, I've mentioned this elsewhere...

Please, if you really insist on making offers, don't make ridiculous offers. No, I won't take $30-$45 off a set of keys. No, I won't give you a bunch of free keys if you buy one somewhat rare key. No, I can't hold one key for a month for you while you wait for your mom to give you allowance.

If you really can't afford a key or two, you probably shouldn't be buying them at all, right? It honestly hasn't been anyone on this board, and I appreciate your respect so far. :patriotic:


More keys are sold, but more importantly I want to make something clear.

Like I said, I researched the price on each and every key you see up there. I am still being bombarded with PMs with people demanding I give them $10, $15, $30 or more off the price. I'm not here to haggle and give everyone tons of free stuff, please understand.

Every price listed is the price I want to sell for. As far as I can tell, they're all $5 or $10 lower than the lowest price I saw on eBay and elsewhere. Also, in almost every case, you're getting free shipping.

If you're going to PM me and ask for $145 worth of keys for $100 shipped because you can't afford it, or your mom is mad at you, or your wife only lets you buy so much toku stuff, don't bother PMing me. I try to be as respectful to everyone as I can but I'm not a charity, sorry. I'm trying to fund my own life here.

As I'm sure some of you know, sometimes you just buy a little too much, you get caught up in the collector's thrill and you eventually realize you have to let some things go so you can be more fiscally responsible. I hope I've made my side of the story here clearer for everyone. Thank you for understanding.


Sold the Zyuranger keys. I also lowered some prices so now I am not taking any more haggling offers. The price you see is the price you pay, period. Sorry!

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