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  • I get on this site at work most of the time. Pictures no work here except super rarely. If I get on here at home it is usually to look at the pics of prototype figures before I do something on another preordering said prototype figure...
    You? I've never even seen Mazinger Z. Still Betterman is a whole other animal and the connection are light. Even i havn't watched GaoGaiGar...but I do remember how much I love Betterman. It has a little bit of everything that makes anime's just really complicated at times.
    Oh wow! Turns out It even takes place in the same Universe and Continuity as "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar"! That is kind of amazing.
    Kinda of the reverse. Instead of the human becoming something else, the something else takes on aspects of the human, but still has close ties to humanity. It has alot to do with human evolution, how humanity reacts to it, and the consequences of going forward.
    Okay...I can accept that. Always nice to see suits not go to waste and an early attempt at localization that doesn't just use stock footage or rehashed plots. least not as rehashed at it could have been.
    Mostly I just get tired of discussions on really important, pressing subjects like politics, contemporary events and religion where any one person is so set in their own view that they won't even concede to regard what others have to say. At that point, everything that might otherwise be gained in an in-depth debate where both sides are permitted to express their beliefs freely and considerately is lost in favor defending the infallibility of one's own convictions. It's pointless. Part of me knows it's futile to argue about things on the internet, but another more urgent part of me deep down is this nagging feeling that I have a duty not to allow people to proliferate ignorance unchecked. It's a losing battle, but I'm fighting it to the end.
    I'm not... I'm in the East Coast and you're talking to a computer program. :laugh:
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