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  • RE: Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla stream

    The site is a streaming site which requires an account to view the selection on offer. You may already be familiar with it, it's called . If you type Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla into there, you'll find what you are looking for! This is the site on which I viewed Ghidorah, which I posted my little review about in the thread.

    As I say, you will need an account though, unfortunately. Hope this was of some help to you, and thank you once again for the discussion in my introductory thread.
    I missed an e. You'll live. Besides, I deformed it more than killed it. Even then it can still be healed!
    All the right answers. Thank you Shin! Hope she has good accessories. Now to continue my Lovecraft inspired enemies for the Vanguards rp.
    SHIN!!!! Go to HLJ and tell me if Super Sonico is up for pretty order yet! I got's the figure shakes! And the release month! Tell me when they predict it willc ome out! Go, with the swiftness of the north wind!
    FYE had a mini Godzilla section. I got Gojira in a very nice box set for $7, Tokyo S.O.S. for $10, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus for $10, and Godzilla vs. Megalon for $16. That wasn't even the real prize of the day. I managed to get a complete set of all eleven The Doctor action figures with accessories for $100 USD. Plus assorted video games and OOlong tea. Jesus...plan c rocked.

    I really should work on this Inazuman story thing I want to write...and finish Ultraman. My ass is on the last disk! Is the UltraSeven collection out yet?
    O__O The terminator is a spam bot? That makes so much sense!!!

    And when you say it like makes me wonder what spam bots must be like in Ghost in the Shell.
    Did I? They all kind of run together after a while. Besides, I didn't think a spam bot would have such poor grammer.
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