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    Dark Knight Movie Masters figures

    So these have been flying off the shelves. I've lost out on getting Batman and the Joker, a few times already, but that's my fault. I did have the Joker in hand and foolishly set him aside to be snatched by someone else. Luckily some of these figures are going to be released in various sets for...
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    ShadowRider’s Sale Redux

    I’m looking to get rid of a few things, some being holdovers from my previous sale. I'd like to someone to take these all off my hands. All items are used and toys loose, unless noted. See the pictures and individual descriptions for further details. Prices are negotiable to some degree...
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    Can Someone Identify These Heroes?

    Assuming they are heroes. I've been seeing pics of these guys on 101fwy and Cowspot and am dying to find out where they come from. They look so badass. Apparently it's a Chinese production? If anyone does know more please do tell.
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    Rider Kaijin Series, Vinyl Fangire?

    Any news on if or when the first one will be made? I'm probably just being impatient, but I would hope that Bandai would release something soon. I really want one of Garuru. I'm guessing this year's line up would most likely consist of Kiva's partner monsters.
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    GAH, did anyone have these pics of the motion revive figures already? Yeah it's ugly but I kinda want that version of Deneb. So that's one of three known Deneb figures coming out this year right? one being the Souchaku Henshin Figuarts and the other, unless I'm horribly wrong (and I'll cry)...
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    Iron King Vinyl out later this month

    From Inspire's Legend Hero Returns line. They've already put out Silver Kamen and Red Baron along with some others. They're a little over $30 each at 18 cm in height, so I don't know how worth it they are but they do look nice. Definitely going to get Iron King when it comes out anyway...
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    Stargate Infinity...

    is coming to DVD. : O__O :
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    Torchwood Toys...and I thought there was no hope I can't wait to see how they come out. Personally though I am somewhat disappointed that they are 5 inch scale. I really would have liked for them to be larger so I could display them with my Stargate figures. Although...
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    Shadow's Wallpapers

    Sharing some of my recent Toku Hero wallpapers. I posted some old ones long time ago, including some Gridman ones, which I'm looking to redo. Provided I can find the original PSD files. I can't take any requests, at least not unless the requester provides me the proper images to use. Otherwise...
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    McFarlane Toy's Warriors of the Zodiac

    I haven't liked McFarlane for a long time. The direction they've taken with their products has been continually disappointing for many years now. Their recently revealed Egyptian themed Spawn line has proven to me that there's no end to my disappointment. But suddenly I'm quite surprised and...
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    ハッピーバースディ☆ Ketaros! (HAPPYbirthday!!)

    :happybirt :laugh:
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    Mega House's baby Imagine, Climax-D

    Momo and Ura come out in November with Kin and Ryuu following in December. They're so cute. :D Pic from Anime News International's Wonderfest coverage.
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    Mega House's Action Works Uchuu Keiji Figures Pics here: Gavan Sharivan Shaider They're cool but too small for me. I wonder though what other heroes might be made in this line?
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    DX Talking Momotaros?

    Saw this listed on HLJ for preorder, it's supposed to come out later this year. Anyone got more info on it, maybe a pic? Is it an action figure or a plush doll? How big is it? Info might have shown up in one of the news threads but I probably missed it.
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    Medicom RAH Shishitora

    The "liger-man" from Lion Maru G gets an action figure. And just like the Lion Maru and Tiger Joe RAH figures, he will be an exclusive (Maru and Joe were only available with the Special Edition DVDs for the series). Check it out...