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  • There's not ONE Group Tamashii shirt you can find?! My friend tells me they're everywhere! Can you just look up in Japanese, "Group Tamashii shirt"? Any plz!
    Can you find one similar to it please? I had a lot of trouble even finding that one, because I don't read or write Japanese. Even if it isn't relating to their 15th anniversary. I'd very much like to have a Group Tamashii (グループ魂) t-shirt...

    P.S. You never gave me your opinion on Japanese shirt sizes. =\
    Hello! I'm new here to the board and i was told u were one of the Middlemen i would need to talk to about import toku stuff.

    i had a couple requests and wondered if i can get a quote from you?

    the things i'm looking for:
    Capsule Gaia Memory SKULL
    Capsule Gaia Memory T2 Joker
    and the Figure-Oh Vol. 151 with the A to Z Gaia Memory Stickers.

    any help would be appreciated, and i have funds or will get funds if your services are available at all possible.

    Thanks in advance,
    I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full. I ordered a Figuarts Skull from you quite some time ago, and i'm wondering if it's ready. Thanks
    It's a piece of chocolate... Daim Chocolate! hehehe... hence my name - dchoc... ;)
    Any updates on those Rising Ultimate Kuugas I ordered? :)
    Yes the postage rate is USPS rate not a converted Japan rate because we use U.S. planes to ship back stateside.
    EX if you are having trouble sending liquids to the U.S., send your requests to me. i have access to a U.S. Post Office on my base and they have no problems sending liquids to the states. I have sent Georgia coffees and Oronomin C to friends who were stationed here and want some. U.S. customers only please.

    I will be getting at least a thousand dollars in January and I was looking for the Japanese Kamen Rider Ryuki set that comes with the Survive decks. If you can find one for me, please PM at anytime next month with one.

    Hey, just wondering if i could ask for some prices, i wanted to check how much (shipping and fees of all kinds included) it would be to get 4 s.h. figuarts: Kuuga Dragon, Kuuga Pegasus, Kuuga Titan, Agito Ground. If you could get back to me with how much it would cost, that'd be great! Thanks again!
    Hey EX_Japan I am a fellow collector and I have been combing through YJ and found a few leads but no dice I am wondering if you have any leads on a Kamen Rider Ryuki CS belt, Ryuga, Ryuki, and Knight decks w/cards. PM me when you get a chance.
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