Insomniac Games have released a first look trailer for Sunset Overdrive. The video gives an initial glimpse at actual gameplay rather than simply pre-rendered footage. Revealed are a number of weapons, abilities and locations that players will get to encounter or use throughout their experiences.

Despite still having very little information about Sunset Overdrive it has been one of the most eagerly awaited games of the new generation. From what we have seen it looks as if the game will have plenty of outlandish ways to kill bad guys, with unique weapons allowing for plenty of fun.

Sunset Overdrive is an open world third-person shooter set in a dystopian future controlled by a soda company. After holding a huge party to celebrate the launch of their newest energy drink, it turns out that it has been causing the public to turn into mutants. You take the role of a FizzCo employee tasked with sorting out the problem.

It also seems that travel around the environment will take place mainly on foot, although the character is able to slide along walls and other objects.

While Insomniac Games have recently been best known for the Resistance series of first-person shooters, they are also famous for creating Ratchet & Clank and Spyro the Dragon. From the screenshots and trailers that the developer has so far released it is fairly easy to see the influence of those two series on Sunset Overdrive, including stylized visuals and irreverent humor.

As part of the announcement of the trailer Microsoft have also gave out some details on what bonuses customers will get for pre-ordering the game. These include exclusive weapons and costumes.

The title is set to hit store shelves sometime in the fall of this year and is exclusive to the Xbox One, unlike other titles by Insomniac that have previously been exclusive to PlayStation platforms.