The first details about Fifa 13 on Wii U have rolled in… Sorry, that was crap, let’s move on…

  • Improved attacking intelligence, dribbling and first-touch control plus the new Player Impact Engine
  • Easy to switch between defenders
  • Take control of any player by touching him on the GamePad touchscreen
  • Tap on the attacking player to man mark him or tackle
  • Whereas other games automatically switch the players, you have more control on Wii U
  • Can pass using the touchscreen as we ll
  • Play long balls and creative passes that weren’t possible in previous games
  • Choose exactly where to aim the ball with the touchscreen
  • Shake the controller or press L3 to bring up an image of the goal on the screen
  • Then simply tap on the position you want to place your shot on the goal
  • Makes shooting more accurate and realistic
  • Allows for precision shooting
  • Manager Hub: analyse stats and make managerial decisions
  • Tap on any player in your team to get full statistical analysis
  • See where shots are being taken from, helping you decide who to man mark
  • Adjust tactics on the screen when playing as the manager
  • Make half-time team talks to motivate key players
  • Choose to manage the team in all of the main game modes and intervene if things aren’t going well
“It’s on a par with 360 and PS3 and we were even able to make some key graphical improvements. We focused on areas that would have the most impact on the game.” Producer, Matt Prior


  1. while the list of things the touchpad enables you to do is certainly impressive, I feel that it will possibly take some of the skill out of the game. perhaps i’m wrong, but part of the fun of gaming is having a challenge, trying for that perfect shot or high score. This is noticeably highlighted by dark souls and the flock of followers it has won with it’s unforgiving gameplay.

    I hope the game is great (who wants bad games flooding the market?), but i have doubts about the touchscreen, both in what’s described in this particular game, and ‘dual screening’ in general dividing your attention. well, time will tell.

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