If a brand new storyline — Stormbringers — is coming to Final Fantasy XIV soon, that means the storyline that’s currently there now has to get out of the way. And so the Stormblood narrative wraps up this week with Patch 4.56, in which players will become Warriors of Darkness and explore the First World area of Norvrandt.

What can we expect to happen as Stormblood winds down? Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will make a visit in the world of Hydaelyn; complete the content he introduces and be rewarded with his hairstyle (although for some, this may not be a reward). A better motivation: you’ll also get the Regalia, the game’s first four-person mount.

You can also find these things now:

  • Yojimbo Trial Battle – Kugane Ohashi: The 8-player special fight against Yojimbo, that debuted during the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2018-2019 Tour, is now accessible to level 70 Disciples of War and Magic.
  • Even Further Hildibrand Adventures: The Inspector Extraordinaire makes a return.
  • Stormblood  Beast Tribe Quests: This new questline culminates the Stormblood beast tribe quest series and will feature the Kojin, Ananta, and Namazu tribes.
  • New Equipment, Minions, Emote, and more

There is one more major addition waiting in the wings before Stormbringers hits. It’s the world visit system, which will allow players to travel to any world within their own data center. The move is meant to address the growing size of the FFXIV community. The world visit system will be added with the NEXT patch, 4.57, which arrives April 23.

After that….Stormbringers arrives in July!