Today is the day some thought would never come: the day Telltale’s The Walking Dead becomes a complete, finished product with a definitive ending. If you need an explanation why, Telltale Games’ adaption of the Walking Dead comic book hasn’t had the smoothest development ride — it had to survive no less than the complete destruction of its developer.

The series was one of Telltale’s most popular offerings, and the company responded to its popularity by licensing as many properties as they could and making the same game with all of them. Reckless spending, mismanagement, and mistreatment of workers combined to push Telltale over the edge, and it publicly collapsed in September of 2018.

The sudden bankruptcy left all of Telltale’s projects in limbo, including The Walking Dead. A skeleton crew was kept around to complete the latest chapter of the final season, but after that, the doors were shuttered. Two chapters away from completion, Telltale’s The Walking Dead was involuntarily cancelled.

Fortunately, Skybound Entertainment — Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s production company — stepped in at that point. They brought production of the game in-house and hired back most of the laid-off employees from Telltale’s crew. Now the series has literally survived the apocalypse.

It’s time for the end. After years of fighting to survive, Clementine is now leader of a community of lost children, and they’re depending on her to get them home safe. In the aftermath of an explosive mission, fire, chaos, the living and the dead all stand in her way. Can Clementine be the savior they need? Her story comes to a dramatic and heart-wrenching climax in this final episode. The night will be over soon…

You can find the last chapter of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season starting today on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC March 26. A physical boxed edition of the Final Season is also available where such things are sold.