This Thursday Square Enix announced that all three Final Fantasy XIII games will be making their way to windows PC.

The titles will be available for download on both the Square Enix online store and Steam distribution service. As of this article’s posting, Square Enix is already accepting pre-orders of the original Final Fantasy XIII at a 10 percent discount, which will be officially released for play on October 9. Final Fantasy XIII will be joining  its PlayStation era predecessors and its most recent MMORPG sequel Final Fantasy XV: A Realm Reborn on Steam.

Square Enix made no announcements to any new content or special improvements to the new PC versions, but at the very least, there will be support for Steam trading cards. While the first game is due for release within a month the remaining titles in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy have no confirmed release dates beyond a promise that all the titles will be available by Spring of next year.

Final Fantasy XIII received fairly favorable reviews from most critics during its initial release, but was noted by both critics and fans alike to have made a number of unpopular divergences from the title’s traditions for a much more enclosed style of gameplay.

The title currently holds a metacritic score of 83, along with a user score of 7.6.

However it is notable that the game’s sequels have received far more mixed reviews compared to the original and have been increasingly panned as the series went on.  Time will tell whether the game’s will be more popular on the PC.

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