So many games, not enough information for their own articles. This is a summery of EA’s E3 Conference

EA has a reputation among gamers to not be that good when it comes to conferences and this year was no different as little was shown other than announcements with no other details or just not enough to talk about a single subject minus Star Wars which you can read here. So to save trouble, here is what EA showed that deserves some mention. But not enough for a full article.

Battlefield V

With Battlefield V we were told some new information with multiplayer such as customization of vehicles, characters, and weapons. More vehicle mobility with showing of the ability to now move the anti air guns. Finally building destruction. However the largest news to come from it is that there will be a battle royale mode.

We were also given a look at the single player mode for the game called War Stories. From the trailer you will be playing as different characters that are part of a larger story. Along with War Stories returning Operations is returning in a big way with Grand Operation mode. This is along side the announcement in May of this year of an Airborne Mode. The Game will come out October 19th 2018. However if you are an EA Play or Origin Access subscriber you may play it October 11th.


Sports Games

EA’s bread and butter is Sports games. So there were some news for that. Firstly Fifa 2019 was shown as we were told that the Champion’s League will be added to 19. The 2018 World Cup will be added to Fifa 2018 as well as there being a free trial for the complete Fifa 2018. Madden and NBA 2019 had trailers shown.



EA’s shot at Destiny closed out the show with a short Q&A and some gameplay alongside new details of the game. These details include the types of suits in the game which are Ranger, The Storm, Colossus, and Interceptor. Multiplayer is integrated into the missions to promote working together due to the dangerous environment. Customization was also announced. What you can customize so far is weapons, color palates, suits, and suit designs. There will be no loot boxes in the game. Anthem will be out February 22nd 2019.


Quick News

Unravel 2 was announced and released today. It has introduced a co-op game mechanic to solve new puzzles. Command and Conquer has a mobile game called Command and Conquer Rivals. It is a control the point game and has been released for Android users can pre-register to play the early release version of the game now. EA also announced a new service called Origin Access Premiere which allows Cloud Based gaming. It will be launching later this year. Sea of Solitude was shown off with a trailer and was discussed in a basic sense.



Overall it wasn’t much. Nothing big or amazing. But had some interesting things. Sea Of Solitude looks like it’ll be the star out of it. Hopefully the other conferences are better than this one though. Grade will be done in the E3 2018 report card.

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