Good news for anyone, like me, desperately waiting for the launch this week as Destiny beta information leaks online. We’re just three days away from the beta officially launching, on PlayStation 4 at least, and information is starting to slip out detailing what players can expect from the Beta.

If you’ve pre-ordered Destiny already, you can enter your code online at Bungie’s website to get yourself ready to receive the beta keys here. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, but have a friend who has you’re in luck; every gamer that pre-ordered will be given a beta code for their own use, as well as two more to get their friends’ involved and form a fire team.

As you’d expect, information has also slipped out regarding the content of the Destiny beta.


According to the image above, which allegedly comes from a letter sent to GameStop employees, the Destiny beta will be substantially bigger than the Alpha and will include four completely story chapters, more multiplayer maps and a co-operative Strike mission although it’s unclear if this is the same mission as the Alpha.

It’s also highly likely there will be new areas and worlds to explore in the Beta. As we reported last week, Bungie released a series of panoramic images showing off different locales in the games’ universe; it seems likely that these images weren’t released at random but were a specific hint towards the content of the Beta.

According to a user on Reddit the download size of the Destiny Beta has also been confirmed, at least on Xbox One, and weighs in at 12.63gb – for the download fiends, it’s time to clear out and get that hard drive ready. You can comfortably delete the Alpha build of the game on PS4 now, if you had that.

The Destiny Beta officially kicks off this week on July 17 for PS4 and PS3 users. You can read how much I enjoyed the Destiny Alpha here too, if you didn’t get to give that a go.

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