The Destiny beta is now back online and available for Xbox users. In a post on Bungie’s official website, the developer explained that they had completed scheduled maintenance sooner than expected. The developer has therefore put it back online for players. Those who had pre-ordered the game for Xbox One or Xbox 360 should now be able to access their beta codes, with the Destiny beta now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

“We know you’ve been waiting, so we busted our asses to finish our chores up early,” the post reads. “You can download and play the beta right now. This is a great moment for the entire Bungie community to share in this adventure, and we couldn’t be more excited. Get in there. Break it. Tell us what you think. Share your experiences online.”

The beta has already been available to PlayStation users for several days. It is set to last until July 28 with the full retail game hitting store shelves September 9.

Bungie revealed last week the reason why Destiny does not allow for cross-platform play. The game will allow players to transfer their character across consoles of the same manufacturer, such as from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. However, players will not be able to play with others who are playing on any other console. Speaking to Digital Trends, Roger Wolfson explained this was so that those on next generation consoles would not have any performance advantage over those playing on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The developer also stated that they are unsure whether any player progress will carry over from the beta to the full retail version of the game. Bungie will evaluate the possibility after the beta has ended, though they cannot promise that it will be the case.

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