Fox’s Dark Phoenix won’t be out until June 7, but we’re told this will be the final trailer for the movie before then. Two months is a long time to go without another big promo, but it says “Final Trailer” in the YouTube title, and…they wouldn’t lie, would they?

At this point you would think there isn’t much left to reveal. The three-word plot “Jean goes ballistic” has been hammered home pretty hard by now. But this trailer reveals a “new” character….who is strongly implied to represent the Phoenix personality now in Jean’s head. Played by Jessica Chastain, Phoenix is the white-haired devil in Jean’s ear, whispering that her “full potential” is being held back.

We also see the exact events in sequence that embed Phoenix into Jean….the X-Men go into space to rescue some adrift astronauts, and since they’re the X-Men, they don’t even need suits. Nightcrawler simply BAMFS them in and out of the shuttle while they rescue the spacemen one by one. They consider the mission complete until they do a head count, and realize…oops, we left a mutant out there, and now she’s been exposed to something. Oh well, what harm could it do?

Fox execs have indicated this will be the final X-Men movie that uses the pre-buyout continuity, which is no surprise. It may also be the last time we see the X-Men characters on the big screen for what could be years….Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says the mutants are on the backburner for now.

Dark Phoenix will be released June 7.