Art Games Studio S.A. and Cobble Games have announced Chains of Fury, a new first-person shooter, will be heading to Nintendo Switch and the PC next year. It’s an intended throwback to the early days of the FPS genre, where the only goal was to blast everything in sight into oblivion.

Your character, a bloodthirsty mercenary, is so self-destructive that he usually damages more than just the organic life forms around him. Cobble says 80 percent of all the walls in each area will be destructible. You can also fight with your own bare fists:

Not only is Chains of Fury intentionally silly, it’s also satirical: the conventions of early FPS games and 90s extreme attitude will be in full force here. “Chains of Fury in a certain sense is a tribute to the old FPS’s for their uncompromising fun and graphic novels,” says Krzysztof Orzędowski, CEO of Cobble Games. “Among the inspiration behind Chains of Fury, I can mention the cult comic series Lobo and Hellboy as well as drawings by Mike Mignola. The gameplay itself will be intensive, brutal and bloody but of course within the limits of the slightly grotesque comic convention.”

  • Brutal and bloody and intense gameplay
  • Comic graphics
  • An innovative environment destruction system
  • An expanded arsenal full of crazy weapons
  • 6 different worlds
  • Numerous references to classic shooters
  • Metal soundtrack
  • Multiplayer mode (with split-screen)

This is an early announcement. It will be quite a while before Chains of Fury is ready for launch; the game is planned for the fall of 2020 on Switch and PC.

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