Lazy Bear Games released Graveyard Keeper in August of 2018. Described by them as “the most inaccurate medieval cemetery sim of the year,” you must build and manage a graveyard from the middle ages while “facing ethical dilemmas and making questionable decisions.” Gather resources, craft items, make business alliances, and even explore dungeons every now and then.

Since its release, the number of things you can do in Graveyard Keeper have been expanded, and now it’s capable of even more: with the Stranger Sins DLC, you can add founding a tavern to your list of tasks. There’s more reason to do this than just for the sake of it: the tavern expands the game’s story by exploring the lives of its NPCs, ill-defined until now:

Backstory is not the only thing. Do you remember Lumberjack, Beekeeper, Corey and Tress brothers and other silent NPCs? Almost all of them will find a voice and character in this DLC. In search of mysterious artifacts of antiquity, you will learn more about the backstory and relationships of these NPCs. If you convince them to talk.

  • The DLC is 4-8 hours long, with dozens of new quests
  • Build and run your own tavern. Finally you will have your own bar!
  • Arrange the Rat Race and Stand-up events.
  • Learn the backstory of Graveyard Keeper
  • You can replay the game with the new DLC OR Start running the tavern after you complete the game

Graveyard Keeper is available now on Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC via Steam.