Stunt coordinator Clayton J. Barber (stunt coordinator for Black Panther) and actor Eric Jacobus (from Sony’s latest God of War game) like to produce their own short martial arts action films. Their previous movies have borne titles like Blindsided and Rope A Dope 2: Revenge of the Martial Arts Mafia. Now they’ve created a sequel to their first film (Blindsided) and it will be available to watch soon.

After blind man Walter Cooke (Jacobus) prevents a local gang from shaking down his local grocer Gordon (Roger Yuan, Jason Borne), Walter must reckon with the gang’s ruthless boss Sal (Joe Bucaro, Marvel’s Ant-Man). The stakes are high, but Walter’s got an ace up his sleeve.

Blindsided: The Game is the perfect collaboration for us,” says Barber, “and we hired great stunt performers to play the lead roles and even work behind the camera with us because we wanted to work with folks who knew action. That’s the brand people are buying into, and we’re always looking to build that brand by collaborating with talent both in America and overseas.”

Blindsided: The Game won’t cost a dime to watch: it will be released for free on YouTube in about a week. Mark your calendars for May 17 at midnight, and until then, watch this trailer…