Despite it being the first official film in the DC Comics Extended Universe of films (or whatever they call it nowadays), Superman hasn’t gotten an official sequel film to Man of Steel. Now, yes, technically the “sequel” was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which fed immediately into Justice League, but many have wanted a pure second solo title for Superman. But, Man of Steel 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet despite lots of reports about it circling around. A new report though might prove a change is coming.

According to the latest episode of El Fanboy, Warner Bros is apparently going forward with the sequel, and will drop it in 2020. This makes sense to an extent, as the film doesn’t have a writer or director attached. What’s more, 2019 is packed with DC Comics films via Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, and potentially Suicide Squad 2. This could also mean that The Batman by Matt Reeves could come out in the same year as Man of Steel 2, which would be a first in history.

It should be noted that this a rumor, and as Warner Bros. has shown, they’re not afraid to announce something, then backtrack it. We’ll just have to hope we’ll see the Man of Tomorrow on the big screen in his own film soon.