BlazBlue Centralfiction, the fourth game in the BlazBlue series, has landed on Nintendo Switch. Launched in arcade form in 2015, Arc System Worlds’ flashy fighter was ported to the PS3, PS4 and PC, along with additional DLC content. All this content is now included with the Switch release.

BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION includes all of the following:

  • All DLC Characters
    • Es
    • Susanoo
    • Mai Natsume
    • Jubei
  • System Voices DLC
  • Additional Character Colors DLC
    • Including some additional colors exclusive to this Special Edition!

BlazBlue Centralfiction has support for two players offline and up to eight at once online. It includes the original Japanese voices with English text subtitles. It’s compatible with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or if you have one, the Real Arcade Pro.V HAYABUSA.

The game is currently featured in Atc System Works’ ArcREVO World Tournament, but you don’t have to be an eSports pro to master it (though it wouldn’t hurt). Look for BlazBlue Centralfiction today on the Nintendo eShop.