GameCity, the world’s best loved videogames festival, today announced the Zelda Takeover Day, a celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary and the upcoming release of Skyward Sword, on Saturday, October 29th, as part of GameCity6.

After 25 years and soon to be 16 titles, GameCity will embrace gaming’s most successful and iconic series, with the Zelda Anniversary Takeover Day during the GameCity6 festivities.

To celebrate the milestone, GameCity will bring you a series of truly one off events including the chance to experience and get hands on with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword ahead of its UK launch on November 18th. Transforming the festival base in Nottingham’s Old Market Square into a Hyrulean market village, visitors will be able to live the adventure as they immerse themselves in a day of adventuring, on Saturday, October 29th.

A Hero’s Quest
Budding adventurers can begin their journey at the Old Market Square as it’s transformed into a Hyrulean market village. Tasked with collecting the pieces of the Triforce, traveling the lands experiencing a series of adventures in the search for Wisdom, Power and Courage, you’ll create your own shield and sword, how to play the Ocarina and everything else an aspiring hero needs to know. Low on hearts? Relax and replenish at the LonLon Milk Bar. To those who survive the perilous journey, a wealth of treasures await the brave.

Ocarina Orchestra
We’ve got a treasure chest stuffed full of limited edition, Zelda branded Ocarinas to give away to anyone who wants to participate in this one-off orchestra. Learn how to play the iconic instrument and participate in a series of renditions of the most beloved tunes in the franchise.

Zelda Canon Speed Run World Record
GameCity6 will play host to a never before attempted Guinness World Record with the Zelda Canon Speed Run. Having teamed up with Official Nintendo Magazine, we’re scouring the lands for six brave souls who will face the gargantuan challenge of playing every game in the Zelda canon, from start to finish, as a tag team. An entirely new record, the team will play all 15 games, beginning with The Legend of Zelda and ending with Twilight Princess.

Zelda Zine
To document the day, celebrate 25 years of Link’s adventures and showcase the wealth of talent on offer, from Wednesday to Friday Zelda fans are invited to submit their work to a dedicated zine to be edited by acclaimed videogame culture graphic designer, Cory Schmitz. A one off magazine created and designed by the public, contribute artwork, poetry, a short story or just a fond memory; if you’re passionate about Zelda, share it with the world. GameCity will then print and assemble a limited run of the zine and make them available on Saturday. Something made by the fans, for the fans.

A Link to the Past: The National Videogame Archive celebrates the Legend of Zelda
Another chance to share your love of the series, throughout the day the NVA will offer fans the chance to record their thoughts, feelings, experiences and fond memories of Zelda in short video diaries, which will be used to preserve the historical and cultural significance of the canon. Immortalise your significant moment in the most treasured series to grace the industry.

World records, death defying quests, orchestras and a ton of prizes, the Zelda Takeover Day has something for everything. From the long time to the newly introduced, join GameCity as we celebrate an anniversary to remember with a day to remember.

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