Warface is a tactical FPS that’s free to download on PS4, XBox One and PC. Developed by Blackwood Games, it now boasts over 73 million registered users, and as of today, it’s an interplanetary experience.

The latest new new mission takes players to Mars! You’re here to rescue human colonists from the attack of the evil Blackwood military organization (no association….we think), but for the sake of your own safety, you’re not visiting the Red Planet using your own body. Instead you’re remotely controlling SEDs — armored humanoid robots.

Gameplay strategy will differ somewhat when you’re a robot. For one thing, your weapons don’t take ammunition….they’re energy-based and require charging. Watch out for new enemies led by two never-before-seen and formidable bosses. Work together to navigate the vast Martian desertscape and play through sections that sometimes require action, sometimes stealth.

The “Mars” experience will also feature modified gravity that will affect movements as well as stealth episodes that will reward team cooperation. Players will also encounter extremely dangerous bosses never met before: heavy mining droids Antaeus-6 firing machine guns, Martian SED-2, spider mines that follow the target upon detecting it, and a final unique boss, larger than anything players fought in the game. The key to success in the mission is well-coordinated teamwork and strategic approach to the game.

The “Mars” update costs nothing, but an “Armageddon” battle pass has been released alongside it that introduces over a hundred PvP and PvE challenges. Complete them to gain rewards like powerful new weapons and the Armageddon armor set.

This update is now live on all versions of Warface — PS4, XBox One and PC.

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