Uncork’d Entertainment is releasing the Canadian thriller Blindsided later this summer on DVD and VOD.

Sloan Carter is a young girl who recently lost her sight in an accident, but that’s just the beginning of her bad luck. With her dad leaving for the weekend, Sloan needs someone to be her eyes, and her two best friends volunteer for the position. An intern working for her dad also spends the night, which they comment is weird. Then….stuff starts happening. Somebody in a stabbing mood is after Sloan for some reason, and lacking one of her senses, she’s in no position to fight back. Can she and her friends figure out the killer’s identity? (Hope it’s not the intern; that’s too obvious.)

Blindsided stars Bea Santos (True Detective), Eric Knudsen (Scream 4), Atticus Mitchell (“Killjoys”), Melinda Shankar (“Slasher”), and Paul Popowich (“Hemlock Grove”). It was directed by Johnny Mitchell, from a screenplay written by Brandon Tataryn, Brad Wetherly and Mitchell himself.

Blindsided comes out of nowhere August 13, 2019, to DVD and VOD platforms.

Sloan Carter is a young girl who has recently been blinded. Her father leaves for the weekend and her two best friends, returning home from University, keep her company. A protege of her father’s, passing through town, also spends the night. The peaceful weekend is interrupted by a shadowy threat and the safe country getaway turns into a fight for survival.

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