Rooster Teeth is a studio best known for their anime-styled TV programs, but they also make games. Their latest, Vicious Circle, just launched on Steam.

Vicious Circle is a multiplayer shooter where four mercenaries materialize in a circular arena and have a limited time to grab up as much loot as possible. It’s every merc for themselves in this game, so don’t be afraid to pull some dirty tricks on the other players or they’ll do the same to you! Your bigger problem is the massive monster that’s in the arena with you, controlled by a fifth player.

Your roles are randomly assigned in each match. As a merc, your goal is to simply escape with the most loot. But as the monster, your goal becomes to stop the mercs by any means necessary — and you have the enhanced senses and special powers to do it.

If you’d like to see more besides the trailer below, Rooster Teeth will soon be hosting the Vicious Summer livestream event on and to celebrate Vicious Circle’s release. The stream lasts six entire hours and emcompasses not just multiple Vicious Circle matches, but several outdoor competitions including Vicious Beer Pong, an eating competition, and something RT calls “The Bob ‘Sauce’ Ross Challenge.” This stream begins Friday, August 16, from 3PM – 9PM CDT.

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