We’ve got three creepy clips for you from Crypsis, the creature feature coming from Uncork’d Entertainment later this month.

A group of buddies has heard the rumors…there’s supposedly a deadly creature lurking on an island just offshore. Half are skeptical it exists at all; the other half are so convinced that they believe they could film the creature if given the chance. They decide to bet on it….they’ll all stay overnight on the island, and if the believers can capture evidence, they win. If morning comes and nothing is seen or heard, the other half wins.

Well, guess what. The creature is there all right, and getting him on camera is going to be a problem when it’s shaking so much from your running for your life. Dumb kids.

Here are the three clips! The first is simply called “RUN” for obvious reasons:

The second is called “CAVE” and takes place mostly from the camera perspective of one of the boys:

And in the third, another one of them runs into the creature. He seems to be having a little trouble with his camera. The creature, though, has no problem with night vision:

Crypsis was written and directed by Paul Anthony Rogers, and stars Rogers alongside Michael Armata, Anthony Hoang, Jordan Mitchell-Love and Eddie Nason. It’ll come to DVD and VOD platforms December 17.