Fight’N Rage is at last playable on Playstation 4…the last holdout! It was originally released for the PC in 2017, came to Nintendo Switch last September, and XBox One the same month. Why was Sony dead last? Who knows, but the game is on the PS Store now.

If you have a soft spot for 2D 90s-era brawlers, Fight’N Rage should be right up your alley. It’s got a purposely cheesy story, just like the greats: it’s the far future, and humanity has been enslaved by mutants. You must punch as many faces as possible to break free of their tyranny, and ultimately confront their leader, who is only known by “The Boss.”

And the characters are just as over the top as you would demand. We have a mutant minotaur-man named Ricardo described personality-wise as a “rebel,” a kick-boxing woman by the name of “Gal,” and a ninja with a mysterious past named F. Norris (if you don’t get what this is likely a reference toward: in the original Japanese version of Street Fighter II the names of Vega and M. Bison were switched. “M. Bison” was a play on Mike Tyson, but the US localizers feared litigation, so they gave the name to a white guy instead.)

  • Several endings: Your in-game actions will decide the story!
  • Explosive combo system: Blow up your enemies with special combos!
  • Lots of unlockables: Costumes, Game Modes, Options and even playable enemies!
  • Different weapons and Parry System.
  • Easy to play, hard to master.
  • Local co-op mode: Up to 3 players with optional friendly fire.
  • VS Mode: 1vs1 battles against another player or the CPU. Or simply watch CPU vs CPU battles.
  • Additional near impossible extra challenges for pro-gamers!

Fight’N Rage is available on Playstation 4 for a price of $19.90 (if this is an intended pun, it would’ve been more accurate to price it at $19.93).