As Kingdom Hearts 3 inches closer, More urgently, the Tokyo Game Show is just around the bend, and Square needs a showstopper to grab everyone’s attention. Thus…the Kingdom Hearts Playstation VR Experience.

This interactive VR ride lasts ten minutes and takes players on a whirlwind tour through the history of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, revisiting familiar locales in first-person. Interactivity will be minimal, but you will get the chance to bop a few Heartless with your Keyblade.

One thing Square’s press release doesn’t clarify is if the Kingdom Hearts Playstation VR Experience is downloadable content anyone with a PS VR can play, or if it’s a free ride localized to the Tokyo Game Show only. Nothing is pointed out for definite. But since Square mentions the PS VR in the title, we’re assuming this will be a download.

As for when we can download it….that’s another thing we don’t know! Odds are best it will premiere alongside TGS.

There was more Kingdom Hearts 3 news today…this short new trailer contains the first public appearance of Baymax and Hiro! We’ve known they would show up since 2015, but we didn’t know San Fransokyo would be an actual world in the game. Big Hero 6 is currently starring in their own TV series, but if that’s not enough, we’ll all get to literally stomp around their neighborhood come January.

Back to the Kingdom Hearts Playstation VR Experience….Square released five screenshots.

Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out January 29 for Playstation 4 and XBox One….one week after Tales of Vesperia.

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