The last major studio thriller about an invisible man was released back in the 90s…Hollow Man was about a guy who becomes see-through after an experiment goes wrong. He soon realizes he’s free of consequences for anything he does, and if anybody did manage to figure out an invisible man exists, they’d never be able to catch him. He becomes a complete jerk and the protagonists struggle to stop him.

Blumhouse’s new Invisible Man film takes that concept of human darkness further….what if the guy who becomes invisible was ALREADY a monster? And what if he lived a life free of consequence before he even gained invisibility? Young Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) has the misfortune of being married to such a person, the tech genius Adrian Griffin. In public, he’s rich and successful. In private, he’s abusive and violent to Cece. She wants a divorce ASAP.

This enrages Adrian, who lacks the empathy to be aware he’s been doing anything wrong. So he cooks up the ultimate revenge…he stages his own death, then uses his unannounced invisibility machine to stalk the seemingly widowed Cece and mess with her head. Most of cinema’s Invisible Men have gone on random crime sprees and hit multiple targets, but this guy exacts all his wrath on just one person, and it’s all the more horrifying that way. Shes completely alone in this.

The Invisible Man has a February release date, and horror films that get dumped in the winter months aren’t always up to snuff. The terrifying trailer shows off the concept’s potential, though. Let’s hope the entire film is as good as this makes it look. The Invisible Man becomes visible February 28.