Since the last three summers have included a season of Wynonna Earp on SyFy, you’re probably wondering where the latest one is. And if you ARE wondering, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the site, since we told you last February production had been placed on hiatus while a behind-the-scenes problem was being worked out. We’re now hearing the issue has been resolved, and production will now resume, BUT the next season will not appear in 2019.

The show is actually financed by IDW Entertainment, the same company that printed the original Wynonna Earp comic book — and they ran into some money problems that prevented them from signing checks. Oddly the cast of the show was not told about this, causing Earp herself, actress Melanie Scrofano, to openly wonder why she hadn’t been called back to set. It created a brief panic among fans who feared a cancellation.

But it’s fixed now. According to Vulture, pre-production on Wynonna Earp Season Four will begin this November, official production will commence in January, and the finished episodes will air one year from now. However, by this point all the main cast members’ contracts have expired. Part of the extra downtime will probably be devoted to renegotiations.

This will probably go off without a hitch, but as of the moment we don’t have assurance they will all return, and we’ll never know what happened to Waverly if Dominique Provost-Chalkley is somehow yanked by Disney to headline the next Star Wars trilogy.

Wynonna Earp will return to SyFy in 2020. Before that, there WILL still be a panel devoted to the show at SDCC.

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