Independent movie director Chad Ferrin (Parasites, The Ghouls, Someone’s Knocking at the Door) is now finishing up his latest, the Lovecraftian horror The Deep Ones.

Alex and Petri are a married couple who need a little vacation. They head to the beach, rent a house by the shore and prepare to relax. Not gonna happen….not when the expensive boat they board turns out to be full of cultists devoted to the resurrection of an ancient evil from beneath the sea.

It’s worse: the monster isn’t using the sea to return. Ferrin mentions Rosemary’s Baby as inspiration for the film’s twist. Yeep!

The cast of The Deep Ones includes Gina La Piana as Alex, Johann Urb (“Arrow”) as Petri, Robert Miano, Silvia Spross, Jackie Debatin, Nicolas Coster, Rachel Pringle, Jerry Irons, Robert Rhine, Jon Mack, Bulet Rush, Timothy Muskatell, Kelli Maroney (Chopping Mall, Night of the Comet) and Kurt Carley (the Underworld franchise, Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla).

In addition to Ferrin, Gina La Piana, Robert Miano and Jeff Olan are serving as producers, Richard Band (Re-Animator, From Beyond) is working on the score, Jim Ojala (Deadgirl, Strange Nature) is creating the makeup effects, Nenad Gucunja is creating key art, and the executives lording over the thing are Michael Schefano, Richard Pate, Gerry Karr and Zebadiah DeVane.

No distribution deal for The Deep Ones has been announced as of yet. Expect the film to rise from the sea later this year.

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