It’s a dirty galaxy out there, but the Space Pioneers are here to clean it up. In Vivid Games’ new twin-stick run-and-gun shooter (with RPG elements), Space Pioneer, you explore the galaxy, discover unknown planets, and have showdowns with hostile alien life forms.

Choose from three available classes, each with advantages and disadvantages: The Light, The Standard and The Heavy. The more you explore and shoot, the more loot you’ll earn, and that comes with the ability to upgrade your gear. Soon you’ll be able to explore the universe’s darkest corners and face some REAL enemies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Space Pioneer supports co-op play. Rope a friend into the game and blast away aliens together.

There’s more to do than shooting: you can also spend your time tracking down stolen software, defending probes, repairing crashed spaceships, and completing missions. The latter is a reliable way to get your hands on the best loot.

  • Tight and responsive run and gun gameplay
  • Multiple galaxies to exterminate through
  • Big ass boss battles
  • Rewarding progress system – continually upgrade your weapons, gear + skills
  • 3 class types to choose from – Light, Heavy and Standard
  • Local co-op up to 4 players

Space Pioneer is available now on the Nintendo eShop.