It slew Steam…now Sin Slayers sets its sights on Switch! In this tactical action-RPG roguelite from developer Goonswarm, you play a team of heroes wandering through the afterlife, journeying through randomly generated worlds and defeating monsters in turn-based combat.

The personified Seven Deadly Sins stand in your way, and they are a recurring theme throughout the land — they even affect gameplay. If you’re in the Forest of Gluttony, eating anything will raise the sinfulness score of your squad. But if you happen to be in the Village of Envy, players can’t earn souls if their sinfulness score isn’t high enough.

There are times when you want the Sin-O-Meter (and yes, that’s what it’s called) to be high and times when you want it low. When it’s high you will get tougher monsters but better loot. Conversely, a low sin level will make the game easier, but the treasure finds won’t be as good.

  • Randomly generated locations provide great replayability. Player will encounter new secrets, events and monsters with each playthrough.
  • Roguelite with Dungeon Crawler elements.
  • Classic turn-based JRPG combat system.
  • 12 heroes, each with their unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sinfulness system changes the difficulty of the game, depending on player decisions..

Sin Slayers will arrive on Nintendo Switch March 26. Both the base game and the expansion Snow Peak will be included in the Switch edition.

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