SDCC 2017: Duke Thomas To Become The Signal

In the most recent book that leads up to DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal event, Duke Thomas, who is the latest of Batman’s partners in crimefighting was told by The Joker that he isn’t a regular person, in fact, he’s a metahuman, one who is a “signal” for what’s to come. Well, at San Diego Comic Con via an interview with Comic Book Resources, Scott Snyder revealed that Duke is getting his own ongoing series that’ll spin out of Metal called Batman: The Signal.

What makes this series so interesting to Snyder is that the book will about Duke being a “hero-by-day”, and that’s something Gotham’s never really had before:

He added, “One of the reasons we put him in The Casting was to show his importance to us and spotlight the part of the mythology in Gotham that he’s actually essential to. So the other half of this, from just a logistics standpoint, is that I wanted this to be a place where I could bring in new talent.”

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