The current state of Marvel Comics universe is anything but stable or sane. Currently, Captain America, Steve Rogers, has been brainwashed into thinking he’s a Hydra sleeper agent, and has not only taken over Hydra, he’s taken over all of America via his “Secret Empire”. And he’s fully committed to this cause, killing heroes and allowing civilians to be wiped out for supporting his enemies. We all know that he’s going to be “returned to normal” but, that leaves many questions as to what comes next.

Well, at San Diego Comic Con, we found out what’s next. Steve will be Captain America again, but to reconnect with the country and its people, he’s going on a trek through America. This new run will be done by Mark Waid, and drawn by Chris Samnee, who people will know from their runs together on Daredevil and Black Widow.

According to Waid, this run will be a very “back-to-basics” approach, and will focus on Steve Rogers being exactly who he is supposed to be. This run will begin on Captain America #695 in November.

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