Last year Popgeeks reviewed a movie called The Cutlass, about a young tourist who disappears into the jungles of Trinidad. Once there, a dangerous madman starts hunting her down….but she knows how to fight back, and the picture was mostly a cat-and-mouse fight (or maybe between two cats). The movie was released to DVD last December.

We thought The Cutlass was OK, for an indie studio’s first effort. But for their second, they’ve upped their game considerably. Now from the makers of The Cutlass comes Savage Squad 3, the most mindblowing cinematic experience of our age. Producer Drew Umland toiled for minutes, possibly hours on this epic masterpiece. Behold this trailer and weep at the sight of its beauty:

Happy Halloween, and April Fool as well.

What started as a goofy idea is now this slice of absurdity…and it just keeps snowballing. SS3 is a zombie vampire mash-up spoof of 80’s horror. No. You did not miss parts 1 and 2. This four part thrillogy begins with the third volume and works its way backwards to the beginning. Then the saga concludes with the climactic fourth part…or maybe it doesn’t. This isn’t even a real thing. Or is it?