Distributor Tribal Films will be releasing the British comedy-horror film Polterheist to general markets in early 2019. But tonight — Halloween night — they’ve decided to start selling the DVD early on their own website.

Polterheist revolves around two small-time gangsters called Tariq and Boxy who have been tasked with findinf their missing boss and recovering the drug money he stole. There’s one problem with that….Tariq and Boxy offed him already. How will they find where the money is?

This calls for…unconventional methods. The gangsters kidnap a spirit medium named Alice Moon and force her to make contact with their former boss’s ghost. Frank possesses Alice and leads Tariq and Boxy into greater trouble than they were already in.

Polterheist stars Jo Mousley, Jamie Cymbal, Sid Akbar, Ali Pushpinder, Chani Kev Curtin, Polly Lister, Gemma Head Huw and Blainey Monty. It was directed by David Gilbank from a script written by David Gilbank, Gemma Head and Paul Renhard, and was produced by Pepe Fowler.

This caper is loose: Tribal is selling Polterheist right now on their website. Head to this page to get your own copy.

In this “creepy and hilarious” British crime tale, two hapless small time criminals kidnap a psychic medium, forcing her to contact the gangster they murdered to find his buried cash.

 Racing against the clock with fear of reprisal from a psychotic gang boss, they accidentally unleash a demon hell bent on revenge.

Blending gangsters, supernatural horror and laced with dark humour, Polterheist is already generating rave reviews as one of the most original British movies of the year. The film is co-written and directed by David Gilbank and features a talented up-and-coming cast including Jamie Cymbal, Sid Akbar Ali, Jo Mousely and Pushpinder Chani.