Samurai Shodown, SNK’s celebrated fighting franchise, was reborn last year with a self-titled new edition on consoles. PC gamers have been demanding it ever since, and today their wishes were granted (except for the ones who wanted it on Steam).

This new version packs in 13 original fighters, like swordsman Haohmaru and Shodown III protagonist Shizumaru Hisame, plus three all-new characters, with more on the way…DLC sets will be revealed soon. The gameplay retains the classic style that made the original a hit back in the 16-bit days, while adding modern advanced features like a ghost fighter that adapts to your playing style.

“Samurai Shodown has a long legacy of being a multi-platform fighting game, that no matter what system you own, you can become a fan of the franchise,” says Nobuyuki Kuroki, director of the new game. “This is core to the series, so it was very important for us that the latest entry come to the PC, and we are ecstatic that we have finally achieved this milestone.”

* DIVERSE CHARACTERS: Take control of 16+ warriors from all over the world!
* UNIQUE COMBAT: Classic SAMURAI SHODOWN concepts like the Rage Gauge, Lightning Blade, and Super Special Moves make their return!
* NEXT LEVEL GRAPHICS: The PC version of SAMURAI SHODOWN will enhance the gorgeous design of the game like never before!
* NEW MODES: Utilizing deep learning AI technology, players can face off against a ghost character that adapts to their play style for the ultimate challenge!

Check out Samurai Shodown today on the Epic Games Store. The game costs $49.99.