We now know who The CW is hiring to play Batwoman in this year’s Big DC Berlantiverse Crossover. It’s actress Ruby Rose, who you can currently see in the giant shark movie The Meg.

This was an important decision for The CW, as the casting would not only affect the crossover but who would star in the possible Batwoman TV series the network is looking into. The crossover is intended as an introduction, and if it goes well, The CW could wind up with a ridiculous six superhero-themed shows, because too much is never enough.

Only announced today, the casting of Rose is already controversial among the fandom — the most common statement in comment threads is “She can’t act.” (This has never been a barrier to employment on The CW before.) A larger question is what exactly they plan to do about Rose’s tattoos.

Ruby Rose is heavily tattooed up and down her arms, all the way to the fingers, and several of her designs depict copyrighted characters Warner Bros. doesn’t own. In The Meg her tattoos are visible; in other movies they’ve been removed through CGI. The simple answer is “if she’s Batwoman, she’ll always be in tights and gloves anyway.” But that’s not the case for Kara and Ollie, or Barry or Black Lightning. Sooner or later she’ll need to dress like a normal person. What to do then?

Guess we’ll find out. Ruby appears as Batwoman for the first time this December on The CW.